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Bye-Bye Belly!

Let's say bye-bye to the belly bulge - or at least see ya later! Here are my 21 tips for camouflaging your tummy. 

I know, I know. You're working on it. So am I. But, let's face it, the meno-belly is a real thing and it's tough to get rid of. So while we work, here are some easy tips to camouflage that area and accentuate the positives that we love about our bodies. After all, she's been with us our whole lives and she's done a lot for us. For me that includes birthing three beautiful daughters as well as just allowing for a rich and wonderful life. I'm grateful for this body, and need to remember how blessed I am. 

Above all, it's important to remember that every woman's body is unique and beautiful in its own way. While we all have areas that we may want to camouflage or downplay, it's equally important to focus on our strengths and assets. By dressing to highlight the parts of our bodies that we love, we can boost our confidence and feel amazing in our own skin.

OK. So let's cut to the chase with the list of 21 easy ways to camouflage your tummy.

21 Tips for Camouflaging Your Tummy

  1. Wear clothes that fit! Stay away from oversized, baggy clothing. Opt for pieces that fit well, but are not figure-hugging.
  2. Make sure your undergarments are the right size. Shapewear can be helpful as well.
  3. Remember the rule of thirds when dressing. You don’t want to cut your body in half. Dress in thirds from shoulders to feet.
  4. Embrace high-waisted pants, shorts, skirts.
  5. Sleeve Length - should not end right where tummy and hips are the widest.
  6. Wear fuller tops with skinnier pants. Tunic tops are great. But not TOO FULL! It can make you look bigger than you actually are. Try a half-tuck or front tuck to give some shape.
  7. Structured Shoulders - This creates the illusion of a broader shoulder, which visually narrows your waist. Also draws the eye up and away from the tummy.
  8. Wear a Shift Dress - If your tummy is an issue, show off your legs!
  9. Wear monochromatic outfits. One column of color can be slimming.
  10. Darker colors, but not necessarily all black.
  11. Prints - This is where size matters! Small prints can be very good at disguising areas you’re not excited about. The print confuses the eye. Smaller prints minimize the overall size of your body. Large prints can make you look larger.
  12. Play with layers. Opt for a longer top and a shorter jacket or vest with some shape.
  13. Create vertical lines using longer layering pieces such as a kimono or longer sweater over a more figure-hugging top. Skims the body - elongates you.
  14. Vertical Stripes - Be conscious of choosing a small, thin, vertical stripe rather than larger stripes.
  15. Fabric makes a difference. Lighter-weight, draped, soft fabrics that are not too bulky.
  16. Wrap tops and dresses can be very flattering.
  17. Posture. Stand tall and proud! It’s so simple, and it makes such a difference in how you look and how you feel.
  18. Plus-size items are cut and styled for a fuller figure. Don’t rule it out just because you don’t like the size number.
  19. Use accessories such as a gorgeous scarf or beautiful shoes or boots, earrings, necklaces, hats, etc. to draw the eye to other parts of your body.
  20. Be careful with accessories. Draw eyes away from the tummy no to it. So, belts, ties, etc. that draw attention to the tummy stay away from.
  21. Play up your assets and strengths. All women are beautiful and should find their favorite area to play up.
If you're looking for a dress option, consider a shift dress that shows off your legs. And when it comes to colors and prints, remember that one column of color can be slimming. Darker colors, but not necessarily all black, can also help to create a flattering silhouette. Prints can be tricky, but small prints can be very good at disguising areas you're not excited about, as the print confuses the eye and minimizes the overall size of your body.

Celebrate Your Own Individual Beauty

In conclusion, it's essential to embrace and enhance your assets and strengths, no matter what they are. Remember that every woman is beautiful and unique. By accentuating the positive and dressing in a way that showcases our best qualities, we can feel confident and empowered every day. So, let's celebrate our bodies and embrace our individual beauty!

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