Welcome to my Styling Studio, where thoughts take shape and style becomes a reality. Here, we embrace the notion of "Real Style for Real Life." 

Join me as we delve into the captivating world of fashion, where personal style intertwines with the rhythm of our everyday lives. Discovering your unique sense of style and finding what truly resonates with your current journey transforms the simple act of getting dressed into a remarkable and fulfilling experience.

Allow me to introduce myself: a passionate personal stylist with a unique blend of experiences and a genuine calling for this profession. With 22 years in the corporate world and a background in music education and choral conducting, my journey has led me to merge my organizational skills with my heart for teaching and helping others. Fashion has always ignited my passion, and now, my mission is clear: to empower real women in reinventing their personal style, and embracing their current lives and bodies.

To me, the transformative power of fashion is amazing. A simple outfit has the ability to allow you to be anyone you desire or tell any story you wish. I understand that considering the services of a stylist can be intimidating, which is why I strive to establish a relationship built on comfort and trust. Although most of my clients are women, I work with diverse clients to create fresh looks that inspire confidence and reflect their unique sensibilities. 

So why choose me as your stylist? Well, I can relate. Just like you, I am a woman, a mom, a “Mimi”, a wife, a friend, a professional, and a dreamer.

I am constantly working towards creating and refining my own dream life, and I believe that a vibrant style is a vital tool in seizing every opportunity that comes our way. I am not only passionate but also professionally trained in the art of and mindset of helping you discover your personal style. I have diligently pursued various courses and continue to expand my knowledge through prestigious programs such as The Global Style Academy with Internationally Recognized personal stylists Isobel Kershaw (The London Stylist) and Kim Apodaca (Recharge Your Style, L.A.) and Suzanne Evans' Inspire Program. This combination of formal training and personal dedication allows me to offer my clients a wardrobe that not only flatters their bodies but also speaks to their souls.

My services go beyond style alone. I am dedicated to building a community for those who share a love for fashion or seek to learn more about it. This community will provide a platform for like-minded women to connect, grow, and share in the fun of personal style.

As a speaker and presenter, I eagerly spread the message of body positivity, style, and confidence. Each presentation is tailored to each particular audience, providing a fun and approachable experience filled with practical fashion ideas for real life.

Let's work together!

So, if you're ready to embark on this journey of self-expression, confidence, and building a wardrobe that truly works for you, I invite you to join me. 

Let's create a partnership where you feel at ease, empowered, and equipped to conquer any fashion challenge that comes your way. Together, we'll celebrate your individuality and unlock the limitless possibilities of personal style.

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Enjoy life while
it is happening.

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