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Summertime - And the Living is Easy

Dressing for Summer! You would think it should be easy, right? But, often times dressing for summer is more exasperating than for any other season! Especially for us "timeless women".

Summer, the season that often catches us off guard, tantalizes us with its warm weather and exposed skin. It can be a challenging time, even for those who have navigated spring with ease, as summer arrives with its revealing fashion trends: skimpy styles, swimsuits, shorts, and sleeveless tops that can impact our self-confidence. 

One common concern shared by my friends and clients is their belief that they cannot pull off certain garments. However, my dear reader, I am here to assure you that you absolutely can. Allow me to reiterate: Yes, you can!

Dressing for Summer with the Body You Have

There's a reason my mantra is Real Style - Real Life. It was going to be Real Style for Real Women, but in the spirit of inclusivity, I changed it to Real Life. Nonetheless, let me share a vulnerable personal story with you.

I was raised by a beautiful woman. My Mom. By all accounts, she was a cutie-patootie. 5'2" on a good day, and a tiny little thing. Of course, as she aged, she got a little bit of the normal "fluff" we all do. But, as that happened, she stopped wearing shorts. Stopped wearing sleeveless tops. Always wore pantyhose to "hold everything in". (No way, man!) And was very verbal about her "being fat" even though she wasn't fat at all. 

Fast forward to myself a couple of years ago. On vacation with our girls in New Mexico and me with my "Covid 20", griping about "being fat". Well, my oldest daughter finally set me straight. She told me how triggering that was for her (a recovering anorexic) and that really hit me hard. Broke my heart. 

So, then and there I accepted my body. I adopted an attitude of gratitude for "her" (my body). She has served me well, and I take good care of her. I'm thankful for the stretch marks because that means she gave me 3 babies. I'm thankful for the scar from my hip replacement, because that means I can walk without pain. And I take care of myself, but never again will I speak ill of my body. 

So, I challenge. you to not only accept your body, but to celebrate her! 

Embrace dressing for summer! Wear the shorts! The tank tops! The skirts! The dresses! The bright colors! Be comfy and stylish all at the same time! 

And be good to yourself. For you are beautifully made. And you only live once. Right?

Wardrobe Essentials for Dressing for Summer

Let's dive into our list of closet essentials. Watch the video below to see the list of 16 items to get you through the summer in style!

And here is the checklist of SIXTEEN essential wardrobe pieces to dress for summer events! 

You can hit that pink button right above this for the printable checklist and get the outfit blueprints for 3 outfits you can create with each piece! 

Shop your closet first and have some fun!

Midi Dress
White Jeans
Linen Pants
Denim Shorts
Striped or Graphic Tee
Maxi or Mini Skirt
Printed Blouse
Wrap Dress
Sleeveless Jumpsuit
White/Ivory Blouse
Lightweight Cardigan
Denim Jacket
Wedge Sandals
Slide Sandals
White Sneakers
Straw Hat

Accessories to pump up the fun factor

Want to add some pizazz without turning up the heat? Here are a few accessories that'll do the trick.

Colorful Earrings
Statement Necklace
Printed/Colorful Shoes
Cute Woven Raffia Bag/Tote

Some resources to implement what you've learned!

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