Includes initial styling consultation and a 2-hour closet detox session.

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Closet Detox – 2 hour session

  • Styling Questionnaire & Initial Goals Review
  • Closet Audit — scan and assess your closet (review critical pieces on how to wear, condition, and fit) – focus on seasonal clothing/accessories in which the session is taking place or immediately upcoming.
  • Style an assortment of complete outfits with photos captured (the start of a personalized outfit mini look book ~ approx. 4-7 looks to be added to your personalized look book).
  • Establish your Online Closet — begin to photograph your collection of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc., to be added to your virtual closet. Virtual clients will be given best practices on uploading.
  • Discuss possible alterations and learn the why and the how behind proper fit to your physique.
  • Your lifestyle, upcoming travel, and events will inevitably come up in this closet session. We may target this session also to kick off specific styling requests.
  • A follow-up email with ‘Care Contents’ information, alterations recommendations, and a short description of items that could round out your closet/styling needs (not actual shopping links).
  • Option to shop for specifically curated pieces with Shopping Online services (below).
  • Clothing flagged for donation is eligible to be part of our Clothing as a Catalyst for Change program.*


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