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As a personal stylist, I help timeless women reinvent their personal style so that they feel vibrant and modern without being overly trendy.

In this FREE GUIDE, you get my best tips for editing, defining and enhancing your personal wardrobe to best serve the life you're living - right now. In the prime of your life.

In the FREE Style Guide, you'll get to see tons of my favorite tips and tricks
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Cleaning out and organizing my closet has always been a very daunting task. Following the
"auditing your closet section" of Tina's blog was invaluable. She provided the extra set of eyes and motivation I needed. My closet is now organized by color and season and I couldn't be happier!

Vicki Nuzum

I LOVE your Style Freebie! I’m going. To print it out!


Becky Reckner

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