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Real Style for Real Life

Embracing a wardrobe that mirrors your confidence, power, and individuality isn't reserved for the fortunate few—it's meant for you. Gone are the days when only celebrities enjoyed the services of a personal stylist - we have now moved into a time where having a stylist is a luxury you can enjoy!

Crafting your personal brand is about projecting the image you desire. I'm here to assist in shaping your unique style for your real life, for your real style is the unmistakable reflection of your essence. It's what lingers in people's memories, defining you without words.

A distinct style isn't merely fashion; it's a pathway to success, enhancing your performance, nurturing relationships, broadening social connections, and rediscovering the joy of embracing your authentic self.

Remarkable style isn't just about the clothes you wear; it's a gateway to a fulfilled life—a life colored with richness and greatness.

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TFS Changing Careers

The Style Consultation

The initial step to working with me as your stylist. Offering both virtual and in-person appointments, my consultation services are designed to approach styling from every angle—working from the inside out and the outside in.

Each consultation is complimentary and is meticulously customized to suit your individual needs, focusing on creating a style that authentically embodies your essence. My goal is to help you cultivate a unique style that radiates your true self.

Closet Detox Session

The Closet

Embarking on a closet detox involves sifting through items that no longer align with your style, organizing your wardrobe, and taking necessary steps such as selling, donating, or repairing pieces as needed. It's about curating a wardrobe that truly serves and reflects your current style and aspirations.

The Elevate Styling Session

During the 'Elevate Styling Session,' a dynamic two-hour in-person styling experience held within a single retail store, we embark on a journey to discover fresh looks and introduce you to new pieces seamlessly complementing your existing wardrobe. Together, we craft a style that authentically mirrors your essence and embodies the impactful image you wish to convey to the world.

The Style Remake VIP Day

Experience a transformative 4-hour Style Remake VIP Day tailored just for you. From a thorough Styling Questionnaire to personalized brand and style research, I ensure a productive, efficient, and enjoyable session. Together, we'll curate complete outfits for various occasions, covering everything from undergarments to accessories. Gain insights into looking your best, discovering flattering brands, and confidently embracing vibrant colors. Learn mixing and matching techniques and master personal styling tips for casual, workwear, or evening looks. The day begins at 11 am, wrapping up by 3 pm with a 30-minute light lunch for you to recharge.

The Online Style Remake

Refine your wardrobe essentials with my closet detox guide and establish your online wardrobe on my digital platform. Then, get tailored online shopping links and personalized styling tips for several new items, seamlessly integrating them into your collection. Purchase directly, expect your list in 1-2 weeks, followed by a 1+ hour try-on session. Also, receive a Digital look book for easy daily styling, combining your existing and new pieces for any occasion.

The Ultimate Seasonal Style Remake

Indulge in The Ultimate Seasonal Style Remake—a transformative 12-week styling journey designed to elevate your wardrobe. Benefit from a meticulous evaluation of your existing collection, aiming to optimize what you own and introduce new pieces that perfectly complement your style. This comprehensive service focuses on creating efficiency and maximizing your collection, ensuring effortless dressing every day. Experience a thorough assessment that blends what you have with carefully selected additions, tailored to refine and amplify your unique style.

À la Carte Services

À la carte services are offered once we’ve completed an initial remake service and I have a sense of your existing wardrobe and lifestyle. These services may be requested one-off at your convenience.

Some examples might be finding just the right look for a special event, creating a travel capsule wardrobe, styling a photo shoot, or other needs you may have with regards to your style. 

I also offer help in coaching clients on poise and stage presence for public speaking engagements. 

Contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Public Speaking

Delve into engaging and insightful discussions with me as your keynote speaker on various style and image-related subjects. Whether it's uncovering the art of dressing for your body type, mastering the art of crafting a travel capsule for efficient carry-on packing, or learning how to dress for the job you aspire to, I bring expertise and enthusiasm to enlighten your audience. 

Contact me to explore your specific requirements, and together, let's tailor an engaging session that resonates with your audience's needs and interests.

Giving Back

The Clothing as a Catalyst for Change Program

For my valued clients in Omaha, I offer an exclusive opportunity as part of your initial or seasonal closet detox. You have the option to participate in my "Clothing as a Catalyst for Change Program." This unique initiative involves a partnership with The Humble Lily, where we'll channel the clothing you choose to donate to their Boutique.

The Humble Lily will then handle the sale of higher-end apparel, with all profits going towards supporting the ministry at The Bethlehem House right here in Omaha. This incredible organization is dedicated to assisting people in crisis, providing them with the care and support they need to rebuild their lives.

But that's not all! The remaining apparel in good condition will also be donated to other non-profit organizations, extending a helping hand to even more women in need.

By taking part in this program, not only will you declutter your wardrobe and revitalize your personal style, but you'll also be making a meaningful difference in the lives of women facing challenging circumstances. It's a beautiful way to create positive change and empower others through the transformative power of clothing.
Join me in making a difference today through the Clothing as a Catalyst for Change Program. Together, we can uplift and support women in our community.

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