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Tina Summer Wardrobe and Blueprints Delivery Page

Tina Faye Schwahn

Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant

Founder of Real Life with T and The Style Remake Program: A Program where I work one-on-one with you to maximize your Real Style for Real Life!

Cue the confetti!

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you
my fantastic FREE guide,

'Summer Essentials:
Unleashing the Power of
Outfit Blueprints for Real Life.'

I created this guide with one goal in mind:
to empower YOU to feel vibrant,
stylish, and authentic in your everyday outfits.

Geared toward your casual, dog days of summer,
'Summer Essentials' will make
getting dressed as effortless
as a day lounging by the pool.

Get ready to unlock the power of outfit blueprints and unleash your gorgeousness like never before.
(yep...I said it...your GORGEOUSNESS) 😉

Start your style journey today and dress with confidence!

In the Summer Essentials Guide you'll get to see some of my favorite casual summer looks,
but if you want a more personal touch designed just for you,
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to schedule your complimentary consultation.


Here's Your FREE "Dress with Confidence Guide"
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Summer Essentials Guide

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