Personal Branding Photo Shoot

What to Wear for a Personal Branding Photo Shoot

When it comes to preparing for a personal branding photo shoot, the biggest stressor for most people is deciding what to wear. I completely understand this anxiety because I face it myself every time I have photos taken! 

In fact, I was just part of a group photo shoot, and I experienced the same worries as everyone else over what to wear. That said, we all dressed in what we felt represented our individual brands, and voilá, it turned out AMAZING!

PowerUp Speaking Branding Phot Shoot

The Spring 2024 Class of Sandy Spady's PowerUp Take the Stage Workshop.

Photo by Vanessa Mitera of Mitera Branding Studio

Key Tips for Choosing What to Wear for a Branding Photo Shoot

Before diving into the examples I’ve curated in this post, here are a few essential tips to consider when choosing your attire for a branding photo shoot:

Three Main Tips on a Personal Branding Photo Shoot

You do YOU!: Wear what you typically wear while doing the work you love. Your branding photos should reflect who you are and your business's mission.
Comfort is Key: Wear something you feel comfortable in. Avoid buying a brand-spanking-new outfit right before the shoot. Test your options ahead of time to see how they look and feel.
Bring Multiple Options: For a 1-hour shoot, bring two outfits—one casual and one more formal. For a 2-hour shoot, have 2-4 looks.

Casual Looks for a Branding Photo Shoot

Tina Summer Wardrobe and Blueprints Delivery Page

As an entrepreneur, you likely aren’t wearing a blazer and trousers every day. If you work from home some days, you might be in yoga pants and a cozy sweater, or perhaps comfy jeans and a blouse. Think about your typical daily attire, and remember you can always dress it up or down for a variety of looks!

Business or Formal Looks for a Branding Photo Shoot

If your business involves wearing formal attire, make sure to bring those options along! You can always add a blazer over a top or wear your most elegant dress. Think about the tone that best represents your business. If you frequently meet with clients in a blazer, definitely include one. If you’re often attending events in a dress, wear your favorite one. Take advantage of the photoshoot to showcase your best formal look!

Color, Pattern, and Accessories for a Branding Photo Shoot

Contrary to much of the advice out there, I encourage incorporating color, patterns, and accessories into your photoshoot wardrobe! Your branding photo shoot is all about you developing your own personal brand. If you're big and bold, don’t shy away from trying a bold look!

If you’re concerned about a pattern being too overpowering, balance it with a solid piece. Pair a busy blouse with jeans or a solid shirt with a bold skirt for a balanced and stylish look.

Check out the photo below of my realtor/author/speaker friend Kristina Borngrebe and I at our branding photo shoot. Kristina loves color, pattern, and bold jewelry. So, of course she should wear all of the above for a branding photo shoot! GORGEOUS!

Personal Branding Photo Shoot

More Options for your Personal Branding Photo Shoot

If you’re training clients in workout gear every day, make sure to capture that look in your photos! If you’re a chef or an artist, bring along your apron. Consider what you wear while doing the work you love. Your branding photos should reflect who you are and clearly communicate your business’s mission.

In this example, my friend Tracy Corwin, owner of Restore Beauty Wigs, and I took some branding shots of her in action doing what she does best!

Branding Photo Shoot


Choosing what to wear for a personal branding photo shoot doesn’t have to be stressful. By keeping comfort in mind, bringing multiple outfit options, embracing color and patterns, adding accessories, and considering your daily work attire, you can create a variety of looks that showcase your personality and brand. Your branding photos are a powerful tool to communicate who you are and what your business stands for, so have fun with it and let your true self shine through!

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